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Those I Ridicule: The Weak-Chinned

I am a mean person. Yes, it is hard to believe, what with my eloquent language skills, good looks and impeccable music taste. However, I am only one man, a mere mortal on this most green earth (actually, sans green now, it seems. More steely gray.) and enjoy having a go at most people…actually, many people. So, to display my own comments on those I deem worth making fun of, I have decided to create this semi-bi-sortakinda-updated series of posts, which I like to call “Those I Ridicule”. My first subjects: The Weak-Chinned.

A chin, as you may or may not know, is the part of your body just below your mouth and just above your fat, protuberant stomach; you know, that hard, bony surface that occasionally grows some facial hair stubble on men and some of the more disgusting women (ah, a new topic! But that’s another post.). According to the venerable Wikipedia, your chin is made up by the lower front of the mandible, which is just a fancy word for your entire jaw area that you love to shove food into.

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