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Knytt – 16-Bit Platforming Freeware Action

It appears as though my day has just been made, thanks in full part to Nifflas’ Knytt, a 16-bit style, 2D platformer that is just too awesome not to talk about. Taking cues from Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Doukutsu Monogatari and Seiklus, Knytt is about a young Knytt (the little guy you play as) who has been abducted by an alien. After going through space, the UFO hits a meteor and crash lands on the nearby planet. Once landed, you must find the parts to repair your ship. From there, soothing 2D platforming action ensues to my (and hopefully your) great pleasure. The game looks beautiful, has very simple, but incredibly fun gameplay and some of the best, most soothing music seen this side of Colossus. You must try this game out, I can already say it is one of my favorite games on my computer (and I have quite a few, let me assure you of that). Get Knytt here (click here for installer) and get playing.

Note: this game comes form the same maker of Within A Deep Forest, a game with a similar style that I also wholeheartedly recommend. Now back to playing Knytt…


Sega Saturn Thin-Pak Cover Project

I’ve stumbled upon what could be one of the coolest video game related projects on the web – even if it is only game covers. The Saturn Thin-Pak Cover Project aims to create covers for every game in the Saturn library, Thin-Pak style. The samples (click here and here) look great so far, and there are already over 90 covers. Plus, if you are into creating something cool like this, you can submit your own (using the provided template) and if you are the one with the most *quality* covers by Valentine’s Day 2007, you win a modded Saturn, courtesy of Mookyjooky (cover master). For all the info, check out both the original CAG thread and also the cover site set up by SaurianOverlord (Mooky’s right hand man). Oh, and also The Cover Project, by snowcone, which is where all the covers will eventually end up (and there is already quite an archive as it stands).

Man I really need a modded Saturn

Gears of War Thoughts

Gears of War, the most hyped-up, biggest game for the 360 is now upon. Having played the game for quite awhile now, I thought I should offer up my thoughts on this splendid blog of mine.

First of all, you will see the graphics. And you will marvel in them. They are truly next-gen in a way no other game has captured, and I would say it is the best looking game I have ever seen. On top of that, the frame rate is very smooth, with little slowdown at all (at least from what I’ve played). Characters and environments are detailed and have that grimy, dirty look to them that really put you inside this raging war between you and the Locust. Environments also take damage, contain great effects like bloom lighting, fire effects, and more. This game is truly THE GAME to show off to your buddies, if anyone is in that position.

But, as we’ve seen before, graphics aren’t everything. When it comes down to it, Gears of War is a shooter. It doesn’t have anything terribly innovative, but it does everything, and I mean everything, right. Cover works beautifully using only the A button; within an hour of playing, you will have no doubt mastered all the cover techniques, creating some great looking (and highly useful) cover combos (a personal favorite of mine is jumping right into cover, popping a few shots, then roadie running up to an enemy and letting them taste the old chainsaw – which is one of the best weapons ever I might add). Like I said, nothing super new, but it all just comes together in the most polished gaming package this side of Half-Life 2. Another plus is that the somewhat monotonous-on-paper idea of stop-n-pop game play doesn’t ever really get old. You constantly find yourself using new types of cover and new techniques and manuvers, which keep the game fresh and new, always. And with the wide variety of weapons and special enemies, its hard to get bored of killing those nasty Locust.

The Locust themselves are rather smart as well. While the A.I. isn’t perfect (some baddies, especially those who just got shot off the turrets, seem to have some problems shooting you) it is still plenty sufficient for a challenging game. It is one of the harder shooters of recent memory, something that I can appreciate as I don’t have endless amounts of cash to spend on a game, and I like to get my money’s worth.

Multiplayer in the game is, in some ways, barebones with only 4-on-4 matches, and something like 8 maps, but what is there is incredibly fun. The cover really adds a new aspect to the run-and-gun norm we have become accustomed to with games like Halo 2 and Unreal Tournament. There’s nothing like jumping out of cover to chainsaw some poor saps face either (for those who haven’t noticed, I’m a pretty big chainsaw fan).

I suppose the only negative thing I can say about the game is that the storyline isn’t very innovative. It has a very simple feel to it, with a basic “you get out of jail to find a gadget that can end the war”. While this isn’t too big of a negative, considering the genre and the fun had, it would have still been nice to see a more fleshed out narrative.

Overall, Gears of War is easily one of the best games for the system. Great graphics, fresh game play and intense firefights make this one a “hype live-up-tooer”, if you will. Snag this one right away (like you already haven’t).

Another Reason I Love San Francisco

As if the Golden Gate Bridge, the baseball, the landscape, the ocean, the dining, and more weren’t enough, the new Gears of War ad campaign running in the City By The Bay just reaffirms my love for San Francisco. I’m just hoping I can get up there in time to spot one of these ads on my own.

GoW Graffiti Campaign

Gears of War + TPFI

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen the Gears of War Cinematic Trailer. It featured that song “Mad World” from Donnie Darko (or so my friend tells me). I decided to remix it and put in The Prize Fighter Inferno’s “Wayne Andrews, The Old Bee Keeper”. I think it worked out pretty well.

The NPCs Cometh…

Today, the ex-Club Skill staff (including myself) announced TheNPCs, our new gaming site, on the UFFSite Radio. Basically, we want to do away with the boring, same-old gaming journalism, and inject our own style and attitude into what we write. If a game sucks, we say it sucks, and vice versa. So head on down to the site now, and sign up for the upcoming beta. It’s going to be a good time.

Nintendo Wii – 19.11.2006

It is now official. The Nintendo Wii will be released November 19th, 2006 at $249.99. And I for one, cannot wait. Now I just need to convince family and friends to buy me one, or scrounge up $250 for it. I think I will try the former.

Nintendo Official Site

Club Skill Article

Go Nintendo (the best place I’ve found for the latest news)