Jamendo: My New Favorite Place For Music

Now, I like free music as much as the next guy, and maybe even more so. However, most free music is a little bit less than, eh, legal, meaning I could be infiltrated, seized, sued, and killed (well, maybe not that one) all for a simple folder of MP3s. A strange world we live in, no?

Luckily I have found Jamendo. Basically, it is a place for people to put their music online so it can be heard (like music should). All of this for free. Not only that, but the BitTorrent speeds are fantastic (even on my lame connection with only a few seeds, I get 100+kB/s at all times). In terms of the music itself, everything I’ve heard has been very, very high quality. My favorites are the Celestial Aeon Project, a great orchestral soundtrack that makes relaxation quite easy. I also like Rob Costlow, a solo pianist, whose songs are incredibly well-composed and played. On the heavier side, I really like anything by JT Bruce.

So check out Jamendo, register, and download some great music. If you’ll excuse me, I have about 50 new albums that need listening…and I need to run to the store for a bigger hard drive.


2 responses to “Jamendo: My New Favorite Place For Music

  1. Hi from Luxembourg !

    Thank you for your blog entry on Jamendo and artists like Rob and JT Bruce.

    You should try Brad sucks


  2. I will be sure to check him out and thanks for the comment!


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