I’m one of the first Diggers!

In an unexpected turn of events, it appears as though I have made it on a list that I had no idea existed until all of a few minutes ago. Today was Digg.com’s 2nd birthday, so first I must say congratulations on changing the way I look at the internet and news. Digg is truly my favorite site of all time, and if you have never been to it, shame on you, and you should go now.

Moving on, it appears as though I am on the list of the First 10 Diggers who are still active. The list can be found here, on Digg’s blog. A proud day this is for me…I guess I need to go make a certificate for myself or something…just kidding :).

Long live Digg!


3 responses to “I’m one of the first Diggers!

  1. Congrats on getting in the digg blog, they should invite you and the other top diggers to be on diggnation.
    btw, I’ve added you as a friend on digg & del.icio.us 🙂
    my digg username is http://digg.com/users/thespy, and on del.icio.us – http://del.icio.us/swells

  2. oops I meant the diggers that were the first to sign up & still go on digg, maybe including the top diggers 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot, I will go ahead and add you too.

    That would be great if I could get on Diggnation… I’m even in the Bay Area so it would be a quick drive!

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